Smart Head Storage Bedroom Ideas for Personalized Living Space

Smart Head Storage Bedroom Ideas for Personalized Living Space

Storage Bedroom Ideas – To make it looks attractive, bedroom needs some decorating items. However, what if you don’t have much space to place them? Actually you can customize your headboard with storage. The head storage can be a nice alternative place to put your decorating items. This image gallery below will inspire you with awesome bedroom ideas with customized head storage.

Let’s see the first bedroom idea. It has captivating grey textured wall treatment which radiates quiet feels. The existence of some high glass windows gives this room airy nuance. Moreover, this bedroom showcases astonishing brown wood flooring decorated with fancy grey area rug and some colorful pillows. Let’s see the bed used in this bedroom.

It is a wood framed queen bed finished in brownish tone. Moreover, the headboard of this bed is transformed into functional storage. There are three shelves built into the headboard. In the photo, this head storage is filled with some decorating items such as white ceramics and bowls.

Jump to the next photo, we will find an astonishing display of a contemporary bedroom idea. The wall showcases marvelous blend of white and green tone. The laminated dense wood flooring enhances the modern accent of this cool bedroom. A small white twin bed can be spotted in the center of this bedroom.

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Moreover, the headboard of this stylish bed is transformed into amazing storage idea. The headboard is installed with two white shelving units. These fiberboard shelving units feature five tier shelves each. Between the two shelving units, we can also spot an alluring wall shelf full of ornaments.

We can also see a fabulous bed design in the bedroom below. The bedroom features a rustic brown bed design. The headboard is featured with some shelves including two large containers and three small shelves. On these bed shelves, the headboard is also featured with some distinctive decorating items such as white Buddha sculptures and unique porcelains decor.

Smart Head Storage Bedroom Ideas for Personalized Living Space:

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