Tranquil Spa Bathroom Ideas

The Charming and Tranquil Spa Bathroom Design Ideas

Charming and Tranquil Spa – Bathroom is the room which should make you relaxed and calm. These days, spa like bathroom becomes new trend homeowners want to have. This article today will discuss this type of bathroom. In the next following illustration, you can see some inspirations depicting chic spa like bathroom designs.

This spa like bathroom can be tiny and not having much space, but it is designed so well. The beige wall looks outstanding and calm in this bathroom. In the corner, we will spot a shower area. The shower room is using nice green porcelain tiles to cover the entire wall.

The shower room also has frosted glass door with sleek metal finished handle. The bathroom window treatment is also beautiful. You can spot some white window blinds installed on the window. In the left side, here is a classical bathroom vanity with stunning lacquered wood countertop.

Moreover, there is a nice modern mirror on the vanity. In the corner of this spa bathroom, there is a corner drop in bathtub with water heating system that will bring spa experience for you. This bathtub is made from white porcelain. It also looks more beautiful with white ceramic tiles assembled on the desk.

Let’s check out another admirable spa like bathroom shown in the photo number two. This elegant bathroom has its wall constructed of tranquil traditional stone tiles. The shower room is also amazing with the textured glass door showing bamboo motif. Next to the shower room, the designer of this cool bathroom recessed an antique wooden cabinet on the wall.

In the corner, the drop in bathtub comes with a stylish oval bath with granite deck. The deck is accessorized with some relaxing small candles. On the wall beside the bathtub, you can spot some recessed shelving units to put towels and other bathing stuff. There is also a romantic classic wall sconces installed on this wall.

The Charming and Tranquil Spa Bathroom Ideas:

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